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Cotton Anniversary

Cotton Anniversary
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Cotton is the traditional gift of choice to celebrate the second wedding anniversary to signify the comfort of the relationship; and like the interwoven fibres of cotton, the couples lives become more intertwined.

It can be hard to know what to get your other half to mark the date so we're here to help with our top cotton picks to make your cotton anniversary more memorable;

Cotton Robes

Bathrobes are an obvious choice but an oh so good decision to make with your lover in mind. One that will last the years and you can reminisce on the meaning behind the gift. Our top choices for long lasting, 100% cotton robes are Baksana Luxury Hotel Robe and Hotel Velour Robes; or if you didn't want to miss out, you could even get matching ones to last the years. In addition to the aforementioned robe choices, the Ava Robe and Aiden Robe are a match made in heaven. Add a touch more romance by personalising them with embroidery to make it a truly special anniversary gift.

Cotton Blankets

Sure to be the perfect addition to your lounge or bedroom, a cotton blanket is a lovely gesture in ode of the cotton anniversary. Waffle blankets are modern classics and make the perfect gift due to appearance, versatility and packaging. Recommended products are the Baksana New Bliss Blankets, Artemis Blanket and the Highland Blanket. You can't go wrong with a white waffle but New Bliss allows the freedom of colour choice, personalising this gift in your own way.

Cotton Towels

One of the most used household items that people would overlook when it comes to gifting. However, towels make for the perfect gift, because who doesn't want special set that you can wrap yourself in after a relaxing bath. Add a more romantic touch by embroidering these with initials, names or dates. Our pick is Baksana's Alanya cotton towel range due to its high quality Turkish cotton woven to create a plush and divinely soft 600gsm Terry towel. The superior quality long staple Cotton not only makes for a very absorbent towel but also ensure you will enjoy these towels wash after wash. Alternatively, if you're making your second wedding anniversary extra special by travelling, the Cabana cotton beach towel or Peshtemal Turkish towel are worth a look.

Cotton Sheets

Give the gift of luxury with the most lustrous sheets on the market. Due to the fine, double twist Egyptian combed cotton used in Baksana’s Sateen sheet range, our sateen sheets are created to the highest quality allowing you the softest, silkiest sleep experience ever. 1000 thread count per 10 square cm cotton ensures a beautifully soft and luxurious finish that is easy care and easy iron. The easy iron finish is derived from natural resources to ensure eco friendliness. Once you get into bed with these, you won't want to leave! A happy customer even mentioned she couldn't wait to get back from holiday to get back into bed with these.

All Baksana products have been Oeko-Tex certified which means they have been tested to ensure no harmful substances to human beings or to the environment have been used.

Have any other good cotton anniversary ideas? Let us know in the comments below. And if you're reading this, it is most likely that you are on the hunt for a cotton anniversary gift so from us to you, congratulations!