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Get the look: Aida

Get the look: Aida
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Ever seen a look you just have to have but don't know where it's from or what it's styled with? We have! And we know the frustration when the info isn't easy to find, so we thought we would put together a Get the Look series for our blog readers. First up we focus on Baksana's Aida Duvet Cover featured in the SS19/20 Collection.

If you're in the mood for a total room refresh to transform your room to a fun yet traditional setting, let me introduce you to the cotton duvet cover, Aida. Enlivened with a traditional floral print with paint stroke effect, this warm colour palette will brighten your room with only a few accessories.

New Bliss Euro Pillowcases add colour and texture. With a huge range of colours to choose from that match the Aida design, it allows for personal flair to exude. Pictured is Dusky Rose which is a soft hue of pink, allowing for Aida's more feminine side to shine. Other colour options to make it pop are both Crab Apple and Rosewood. The New Bliss range also features two sizes of cotton blankets that are both practical and provide aesthetics. Top tip: layer the blanket at the top of the bed and fold the duvet cover back onto it - this breaks up the design and adds a different texture that your eye will be drawn to.

Sheets are the make or break for a bedding setup. When you stay at hotels, AirBnBs or friends homes, you want to sink into the bed and engulf yourself in pure luxury. Our most luxurious sheets are 1000TC cotton sateen and are paired with this look. Available in three colours; white, almond; an off white and linen; a grey. Almond was paired with Aida to create a softer look as it is not as harsh as white but still exudes a classic look. Top tip: try matching your sheets with the type of duvet cover you have; for example if you have a percale duvet cover, percale sheets are recommended for a consistency. It also allows for the option of using a fitted sheet only as this way, the duvet cover will act as a top sheet and match the material of the fitted sheet.

Accessories elevate any bedroom, whether it be cushions, throws or decor. This is the perfect way to express your personal style and colour palette without over committing because chances are, the decor piece chosen will go in multiple rooms throughout the home. To bring out the rich colours in this duvet design, our Prairie Blanket in Mulberry was paired with Aida. This 100% cotton blanket is the perfect size and weight to throw on the end of the bed for both aesthetics and warmth.

So, what are you waiting for? Refresh the room that you've been putting off for the past few weekends. Remember to only use this as a guideline, add your personal flair where desired!