Sink into your slumber with Baksana's 100% cotton duvet cover, Osaka. With button up closure and two oxford pillowcases, this sateen duvet cover set will have you creating space in your linen cupboard. Set on a light grey background, the light blue and purple hues contrast the dark green and grey watercolours; making it easy to choose coordinating pieces to align with your home and personal aesthetic.


To create the perfect bed look, whether it be for yourself or guests, it is all about good quality linen. Start with sheeting. For crisp, hotel feel sheets, go for percale sheets - these are offered in a 310TC sheets value set and 500TC sheets sold separately, allowing freedom of choice. If you prefer a silky finish, 1000TC luxury sateen sheets are recommended, or, 100% European Linen sheets are another great choice which will create a relaxed haven look. Note: all Baksana duvet covers are sheet backed meaning the duvet cover backing is high quality sheeting allowing a soft feel against your skin so a top sheet is not required.

Add height and texture to your bed to create a more luxurious and put together look. To achieve this, you can't go wrong with Euro pillows and pillowcases. Both linen pillowcases and New Bliss waffle pillowcases will not only provide you with this look, the colour ranges offered allows your personal flair to come through. The pairing we love the most is our Linen Euro Pillowcases in Aqua to tie in the light blue colouring floating on the duvet cover.


Blankets and throws are next and perfect for layering, providing both warmth and aesthetic. If you are after a more traditional look, try a waffle blanket to match the euro pillowcases. This will tie the bed in nicely and create a very smart look. Other options are cotton blankets and wool blankets that can be effortlessly thrown on the corner of the bed to tie the colours of the design together. We paired the lovely lambswool mix Juniper Blanket in Grey with this look to create a warm winter escape.

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Enjoy creating your personalised home haven.