Just like our wardrobes, our homes also need to have extra layers on hand for the winter season. When the temperature starts to drop, you need to be ready to layer up to ward off the chill. Here are our must have winter essentials for around the home:

95/5 Hungarian Down and Feather Duvet InnerAll Seasons Duvet Inner

A Winter Duvet Inner

Our number one suggestion to get ready for the cooler nights is a winter weight duvet inner. Our 95/5 Hungarian Goose Down and Feather Duvet Inner is our warmest winter duvet inner, with 95% of the filling being large and fluffy down clusters which hold in your body heat and provide you with the insulation that you need to stay warm during the night. You wont be weighed down as the down and feather filling is incredibly light, a hall mark of a luxury duvet. Another great option is the All Seasons Duvet Inner which is made up of two duvet inners that connect together giving you 3 options for you change between throughout the year. The third duvet inner recommended is the 80/20 Hungarian Goose Down and Feather Duvet Inner, a more affordable option with slightly more feather content than down without any compromise on quality. Read more about picking the right inner for you here.

Flannelette Sheets1000TC Sateen Sheets

Cosy Sheets

Another way you can make your bed warm before adding more layers on top is by using cosier bed linen. Our beautiful brushed cotton Flannelette Sheets are a tried and tested popular winter choice. The brushed cotton fibers make space for your body heat to get trapped in which is why they warm with you. Another top pick is the 1000TC Sateen Sheets, as the style of weave stays warm with your body heat so there will be no cold corners. Our most luxurious sheet, you will look forward to getting into at the end of each day. Both styles are sold individually for your convenince.

New Bliss Stone Washed Waffle BlanketNew Bliss Stonewashed Waffle BlanketsDivine Cotton Stonewashed Blanket

Add Layers

When adding layers to your bed, ensure you are using a natural fibers which allows for better breathability. Our New Bliss Waffle Blanket not only adds a textural element but also warmth and style. The 100% cotton stonewashed blankets is soft to touch, available in two sizes and 14 different colours so you can find one that fits your bed and matches your look. The Divine Blanket is also a great option as its generous size will cover up to a king size bed and is 100% stonewashed cotton, so has a nice feel on your skin.


Baksana Winter robes

Wrap up warm

Getting out of bed in the morning is only made harder in the winter when its cold outside. Make sure you're prepared and have some winter pyjamas to snuggle up in and be sure to keep a nice winter robe within reach for when you step out of bed. Whether you like a luxurious cotton velour robe or like a beautiful printed style to brighten up your morning, shop our huge range of mens and womens robes.

For more ways to add cosy layers and warm up your bedroom this winter, shop our full bedroom collection online.