It’s that time of year again. The skies get darker, the outside air becomes chillier and the winter woollies get pulled out from the back of the closet. The winter months can be a dreary time for most people, however we consider it a perfect excuse to spruce up your bedroom. Why not embrace those Winter Blues (literally) with some beautiful, rich tones to create your dream bedroom environment. Blue may be the ultimate room colour thanks to its association with all things serene and calming, two essentials for a good night's sleep.


Here are our bedroom choices to help you create your own blue sanctuary:


Viola Comforter

Comforters provide an excellent bedding choice as they are stylish yet practical, especially for the cold winter months. Used on its own or on top of a lightweight duvet inner, comforters are so sumptuously warm, yet still lightweight in comparison to a full-on duvet cover. Diamond quilted and stitched from 100% Cotton, the exterior of our Viola Comforter is both sturdy and comfortable. The inside consists of warm insulation made up of 100% Polyester, which also allows for machine washing. The Viola Comforter is pleasing to the eye and adds a pop of blue, patterned with a scene of blue hued violas that is enhanced by the contrasting shades of white scattered throughout. Full of life and colour, this is a must-have addition to liven up your bedroom through the cold winter months.


Oslo Bedspread

Looking for something slightly more soothing and traditional that still provides a much-needed layer of warmth? A bedspread is a great option when aiming for an elegant bedroom haven. Typically measuring larger than duvets, a bedspread will cover your bed entirely so that it is extended all the way to the ground. Placed on top of a Hungarian Goose Down and Feather Duvet, this combination will provide you with the ultimate level of comfort. Our Oslo Bedspread boasts a rich, deep blue that will offer an air of tranquillity to any bedroom. This 100% Cotton bedspread features a matelassé diamond design, contributing to the overall traditional feel. The elegant blue of this bedspread will turn your room into a sanctuary while adding a touch of class.


New Bliss Blankets and Euros in Ocean and Navy

Spruce up your bed one step further by adding the perfect blanket and cushion combination. Have a go at colour matching these accessories to create the perfect blue palette for your bedroom. Made from 100% Cotton, the New Bliss Blankets and Euro Pillowcases come in a variety of colours to choose from. A best seller by no mistake, the New Bliss Blankets and Euro Pillowcases add colour and texture to help create an overall statement for the bedroom. If you’re wanting to soften the deep blue of the Oslo Bedspread, choose Ocean for a complimentary blend of colours. Looking to enhance the variety of blue hues in the Viola Comforter? Casually throw the New Bliss Blanket in Navy across the bottom of the bed to give the pattern an extra splash of colour.



Chambray Flannel Sheet Set

One of the best feelings is slipping into bed on a chilly winter night and being greeted with a warm, high quality sheet set. Traditionally people tend to lay their bed with crisp, white sheets. Choose to be bold and switch things up by opting for Baksana’s Chambray Flannel Sheet Set in Blue Marle. As a soft, lightweight shade of blue this sheet set will perfectly compliment any bedspread, comforter or duvet set. Manufactured to a depth of 45cm to accommodate deep mattresses and toppers these high quality 170gsm, 100% Combed Cotton sheets will assist in giving you the perfect night’s sleep.



Wrapping up warm is essential in winter, so why not choose a robe that matches that feel of your bedroom? Whether you’re after the soft feel of Baksana’s 100% Zero-Twist Micro Cotton Halle Robe in Blue or luxury style of the 100% Turkish Cotton Marcus Robe in Midnight Navy, there are multiple options for both men and women. Immersing yourself in the comfort of a beautiful blue robe will ensure the utmost feeling of relaxation and tranquillity.



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