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Exclusively made in Europe from only the best quality, Baksana's products are created from a variety of materials. This includes 100% Egyptian or Turkish cotton, 100% linen, and other natural fibres. There is no substitute for quality. All of our Baksana products are compliant with Oeko-Tex standards, with no harmful substances to human beings or to the environment. All components of our products are tested on an ongoing basis, to ensure you have full confidence in our products.

Lord of the Isles is proud to announce that is BAKSANA line of Home Textiles and Sleepwear is now Oeko-Tex certified.

The Oeko-Tex system of textile, audit and certification was developed in response to global Consumer demand due to the growing awareness of the importance of eco-friendly products that are also not harmful to human health. Not only legally banned or controlled substances but others scientifically assessed as harmful to health. It is a testing, which sets an international bench mark for all processes along the textile chain to ensure an ethical and an environmentally practise is withheld.

Over 60,000 certificates issued and millions of textile products endorsed with the “Confidence in Textiles” label, it is the worlds most well-known quality mark for textiles tested for harmful substances. There are branches and representatives of the testing and research facilities in more than 30 countries.There are over 100 test parameters to ensure that the textiles are not harmful to health.

The criteria is not limited to only legally banned or controlled substances, but also those that have been scientifically assed as harmful to health.

The Oeko-Tex System assures that textiles which have been tested successfully and awarded a certificate are free of concentrations of harmful substances which are detrimental to health. ALL components of the product are tested – from cloth to zips to thread. Testing is completed throughout all stages of the product cycle and the awarded certificate is valid for 12 months at which point it must be retested prior to the certificate being renewed. 

Products awarded this mark have been optimised for human ecology and tested and certifictaed by internationally recognised textile institutes. Oeko-Tex is not just a declaration of a desire to make products that are optimised for human ecology, but a scientific process guaranteeing

With its comprehensive list of criteria, the Oeko-Tex standard 1100 gives the industry, retailers and and consumers the confidence they need in textiles of all types.

  • The Key Objectives are…To produce textile products of all kinds that are safe form a human ecology point of view
  •  Reliable product endorsement for consumers who deliberately look for textiles that are not harmful to health

RULE: The more closely a product is in contact with the skin (and the more sensitive the skin) the stricter the criteria for human ecology that must be met.

The aim is to arrive at a realistic and practical evaluation of how the products can be optimised for human ecology. In essence, Baksana’s production process endeavours to exemplify respect for the environment and human beings, with your comfort in mind.


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