Your bed is the place you go at the end of each day for relaxation and rest; it needs to be the ultimate zen zone. However, there are some common mistakes that people make when it comes to bedding. Read on to find out what you're doing wrong and how to fix it...

1. You're buying your sheets by their thread count

When buying sheets, we have been lead to think that high thread count must equal high quality, and in part that isn't totally wrong. The thread count is determined number of threads in the warp and weft per square inch. So a higher number should indicate a more robust sheet, however this is not always the case. Some manufactures use thinner yarn in order to achieve higher numbers which in turn mean that they will not last long before perishing.

Instead you should look for better quality of cotton and the finish you like. A good indicator of quality is using long staple cotton, which is strong and will endure years of use. Shop consciously and always look for ethical endorsements to ensure the source is a fair and reputable one. The finish of the sheet is up to your personal preference but should be a factor in your purchase decision - a percale finish is cool and crisp where a sateen is smooth and silky.



2. You're not caring for them correctly

When you want the maximum amount of use and comfort from your bed sheets, you need to ensure you launder them the right way. To ensure hygiene and freshness but also understanding practicality, your bed sheets should be changed every week. Sheets can be washed in cold water or up to 30 degrees on a normal cotton cycle with no issues, even if they you have linen sheets. There are many natural ways to keep your white sheets nice and bright which we have explored in a past blog (you can find it here).

When it comes to drying your sheets it always best to hang them flat in a well ventilated area, outside of possible, to do 90% of the drying. They can be finished in the dryer if that is your preference but we so not recommend using a high heat setting.



3. You're not using colour

We can attest the sophistication and crisp lean look of white bed sheets but that's where we think the white should end. Introduce colour, pattern, print and vibrancy into you're bedroom with the rest of your bedding. Starting with the most dominant element, the duvet cover, choose a design or colour that brings you joy and sets the tone you want for your perfect sanctuary. From there select a colour in the design or a complimentary tone and add a blanket or euro pillows to add textures and interest to the bed. This is a sure fire way to revamp your bed and create visual interest in the room.

If this is all sounded very bold and you want to start small, why not choose a safe dominant colour in a large bed cover like a bedspread or large waffle blanket. Either of these products are large enough to be draped over the whole bed or folded across the bottom half to begin with, as a way to try introduce colour slowly into your life. If you are feeling brave and ready to go all in, go for a printed comforter which is sure to liven the space.



4. You’re not investing in quality

You want to invest in the things that you spend most of your time in. We spend on average a third of the year in bed, so don't you think you should get yourself the best bedding you can afford? When you break down the cost per use, you can really see why it is so rational to spend more on your bedding. A good night sleep is linked to good health, so pass on the cheap and average sheets and pillows and stop wasting your money.

Look for good quality natural fibers like cotton or linen with long staple threads in your sheets and make sure you are checking for ethical and sustainable supply chains. Get rid of pillows that go flat and invest in Hungarian Down and Feather pillows that will bounce back for yous to come. Use our helpful guide to find the best pillow for you. A heavy duvet inner is cumbersome and likely not allowing your body to breathe causing you discomfort and being too hot or too cold through out the night. A Hungarian Down and Feather Duvet inner is as light as a cloud and allows your body to regulate its own natural temperature, so you can wake up refreshed and revitalised from a good nights sleep thanks to your bedding. Regain your sleep and wake up in the right side of the bed with Baksana bedding that ticks all the boxes.