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What is EN 12934?

EN stands for ‘European Norm’, which states the standard a down and feather product must meet in order to be classified as a genuine down and feather product. In accordance with this standard the label shall report the following:

-          The indication of the down and feather percentage is a mandatory requirement.

-          Fowl species.

-          Colour and provenance.

-           Information stated on the label has to meet the specifications stipulated in the standard.


How do I keep my Baksana goose down products in great condition?

Our Hungarian goose down products will last many years if cared for properly. All products have a care instruction label attached; please follow these instructions to ensure longevity of your product. Do not cut the care label off.

We recommend professional dry cleaning above other methods in conjunction with regular airing. If you decide to wash this yourself, please ensure rapid drying as dampness can ruin your product. We recommend using a few clean tennis balls in a large tumble dryer for efficient and even drying.

When storing your product, please do not have these compressed for long periods of time or have heavy objects on top of them. These should be stored in a breathable bag (original packaging is best). When removing from storage we recommend shaking and airing out your product to allow the down to reloft to its original condition.

We recommend regularly shaking and airing out your Baksana down products, as this will allow the down to reloft to its original condition and will help evaporate any moisture absorbed during the night.


What is loft? Why does it matter?

Loft, otherwise known as ‘fill power’, is the number of cubic centimetres one ounce (28.34 grams) of down will fill under specific conditions and determines the level of insulation. The larger, more mature the bird, the higher the loft of it’s down. A duvet made from mature down will be warmer, lighter and puffier. It will last a lot longer than one made with young down. The loft comes from the down cluster continuously wanting to return to its natural spherical shape.

The image below shows loft of different grades of down. Each tube is the same size and filled with exactly one ounce of down. It is easy to see that a higher quality and more mature down fills more space for the same weight. It takes much less of a high lofting down to fill a product, which explains why a high quality down product will be much lighter and puffier than a lower quality product.

 Loft Comparison


Fill power is a very important feature of the quality of the down used for filling bedding products, especially in case of duvets. The higher the quality of the down, the warmer yet lighter in weight it will be. The high quality down has millions of fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to form a protective layer of non-circulating air that acts as a thermo-isolation agent to keep warm air in and cold air out. This lifts the duvet higher, even if it has a lower filling weight. Higher duvets conserve more air, and consequently the duvet is both warmer and lighter. Duvets with higher filling power down don't need that much filling weight to ensure the same warmth. Lightest while highest duvets are the best to keep your body at optimum resting temperature.

A fill power, or loft, of 800 is considered the finest available in the world. It is extremely light, warm, puffy… and scarce. The fill power in our 95/5 products is exceptionally high at 720, while the fill power in our 80/20 products is a generous and very comfortable 600. 


Why is Hungarian goose down superior to down sourced in other countries?

We only use Hungarian goose down and feather for our down products, the most important reason is the consistency of fill power and quality associated with Hungarian geese is incomparable. The finest down comes from the oldest and largest Hungarian geese in the gaggle, and due to the cold climate Hungarian geese tend to grow very large. Compare this to the Orient, where majority of the worlds down comes from, which produces poor to medium grades of down as oriental geese farmers do not raise their geese to this stage of maturity.

Additionally, Hungarian geese farmers take pride in knowing their goose down is considered the finest and most luxurious in the world, and they want to keep it that way. Hungarian geese farmers put an emphasis on the ethical treatment and sustainability of Hungarian geese. Hungarian geese roam in green pastures with free grazing and no down or feather is plucked from live geese, unlike some oriental geese, so you can be rest assured your product aligns with your personal and environmental values.


Why use box construction?

All covers on our Hungarian down products are made from Egyptian cotton, which has had high pressure treatment to fuse the fibres tightly together. This ensures no down fibres will poke through the cover, making it a down-proof cover.

We use the baffle box design for our duvet inners, so that the down clusters are free to reach their maximum loft and fluffiness. We believe big billowy and fluffed up down duvets look much nicer than flat duvets, so we use the box construction as it is the most efficient way to allow the down to reach maximum loft.

Additionally, the box construction allows for an even dispersion of down. This means the down won’t clump together during use or weigh down one area, and holds the down precisely where it’s meant to be.


Is my product hygienic?

All of our down is sterilised using only soap and water, ensuring no chemical damage to the down. In addition to being extensively washed, repeatedly rinsed and tested, goose down only becomes sterile and hypoallergenic when that washing is combined with a thorough heated drying process.Many other companies spray a chemical sanitiser on their down products so they can claim their products as being ‘sanitised’. Be very careful obtaining products that have been ‘sanitised’ or ‘chemically treated’, as will this affect the quality of the down.  

We stand by the exceptional hygiene of our Hungarian down products, and we are proud to be chemical free. 


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