For a bedroom that looks like it's styled by a pro, you need to consider you accessories. One way you can instantly improve your bedroom's vibe is by adding a couple extra pieces to your duvet cover set. That means well placed euro pillows and throw blankets. You don't need a ton of products to make your bedroom look professionally styled, just well selected and styled ones.


Here are our top 5 tips to style your blanket like a pro for a pinterest worthy bedroom.

Prague Throw

1.The relaxed 'thrown' throw

For that effortless look, that ironically we all know is very thought out and planned, you must master the thrown toss. This technique works best when the throw is folded in half diagonally, then by taking the centre of the fold and casting it across the corner of the bed. You should see it fall with a lovely cascade the flows down the front of the bed. This method is perfect every time! The new Prague Throw is perfect for this with its varied waffle texture and pop of ocean blue hue, this throw is sure to amp your bedroom styling.

2.The sophisticated fold

Try folding a blanket up and laying it across the bed, and rolling back the duvet to sit on top of it. This add a peek-a-boo of the reverse of the duvet and can break up the design. You can also place the blanket across the foot of the bed for a similar look. This is a classic way to use a large blanket that is placed for practicality as much as adding style. Also it is within reach, ready to pull up for extra warmth in the night. Our New Bliss Blankets are the perfect choice for this, however we also have larger blankets by way of the Artemis Blanket and Divine Blanket as alternative options.

3.Add the matching pillowcases

A bed without a blanket or throw has no contrast in fabric and texture so will almost certainly make your space fall flat. Add a contrasting euro pillow for height and texture at the top of the bed, that will perfectly complete the look by tying in a blanket of the same fabric placed on the bed. Repetition of fabric in different products immediately elevates your bed and adds the sophistication of a professional touch. Try our lovely soft Twilight Throw and matching Euro Pillowcases for a soft touch of pale blue - a great all year round colour. Not to mention our best selling waffle New Bliss blanket and euro range of over 15 colours!

4. Opt for a different texture

Adding a variety of textures easily adds dimension and a sense of luxury. No need to compromise on practicality as going for a knitted blanket to a sateen or percale bed also adds warmth. Our Divine blanket is made up of layers of yarn dyed gauze cloth creating a light and soft blanket. Available as a two tone blue and grey, you can switch up your look with the flip of a blanket.

5. Play with colours

If you have a fun printed duvet cover, then don't shy away from colour. Pick one of the less dominant colours in the design and use this in your blanket selection. Try soft pastels or light shades of duck egg, dusky rose, or silver if a brighter colour palette isn't for you. Even if you're color-averse, just adding in a few hues that are a slight variation of the neutrals you already have will liven up the space. Try our prairie blanket for a sweet little pop of colour, or our New Bliss Blanket is available in two sizes and 15 colours so there is definitely a shade that will work for your personal style.

Share your blanket styling tips with us below, or post your Baksana bed looks using #baksanahome for a chance to be featured.