Key terms:

Thread count essentially refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of the fabric. It is a term that is commonly used to reflect the quality of the sheet. The higher thread count, the more durable and softer the sheet it is. Lower thread counts aren’t as durable due to the lesser threads crossing over one another; therefore, these will wear down faster on heavily used areas.

Egyptian Cotton is the highest quality on the market. The cotton is extremely fine and long staple which produces softness and durablity and is the most luxurious sheeting available. Due to the premium cotton used, prices are usually a lot higher compared to other cottons. If you come across acclaimed Egyptian cotton sheeting at a lower price point, it is most likely too good to be true and may be inaccurate information.

Percale, also known as plain weave is a tightly woven fabric which is very common in bed products such as sheets and duvet covers. It is of medium weight due to usually lower thread count, it is smooth, non-glossy and washes exceptionally well.

Sateen is a spun yarn fabric which uses a satin weave structure. This creates a sheen like finish and softer feel – it is ultimate luxury.

1000TC Sateen Range

Sateen is pure luxury in the world of sheeting. It is the closest material to satin you will get, without the high cost. Properties of sateen are a silky feel and luxurious sheen, as well has having natural winkle resistant properties. Due to its tight weave, sateen sheets tend to be heavier than standard percale sheets, making for year-round comfort. 1000 thread count per 10 square centimetre cotton ensures a beautifully soft and luxurious finish that is easy care and easy iron. Easy iron finishes are derived from natural resources alluding to the eco-friendliness of the product. Due to the fine, double twist Egyptian combed cotton used in Baksana’s Sateen sheet range, our sateen sheets are created to the highest quality allowing you the softest, silkiest sleep experience ever.


Recommended if:  You’re someone seeking the ultimate luxurious, good quality sheets that can be used all year round, you like the freedom of choice of separates. Shop our 1000TC sheets here.



500TC Crisp Cotton Range

Think luxury hotel sheets, the ultimate ‘aaah’ feeling when you finally get into bed after a long day. The 500TC cotton percale sheets are designed to give you the old world’s experience of durable, crisp sheets. Baksana’s 100% cotton, long staple combed Aegean cotton is a match made in heaven, the perfect glam up for your bed. Featuring an elegant detailed hemstitch finish, these cotton sheets are a must have for exquisite bedtime comfort. To truly recreate hotel elegance, this is the sheet for you, making each day feel like an ultimate retreat.

Recommended if: You like crisp, hotel-like sheets, you're a warm sleeper, you like the freedom of choice of separates. Shop our 500TC sheets here.



310TC Percale Range

A traditional weave of one yarn over and one yarn under, percale sheeting produces a matte finish with crisp, cool properties. Durability is a positive factor of percale sheets, meaning they won’t pill over time. Percale cotton sheets are perfect for warmer sleepers due to its lightweight and breathable features. Baksana’s percale sheet range are sold in sets and are the perfect sheet for that crisp, fresh cotton feeling. These plain white bed sheets are finished with a double needle detail for an elegant touch. Good quality, reasonably priced sheet sets? This is your ultimate go to.

Recommended if: You like crisp, hotel-feel sheets, you're a warm sleeper, you're all for affordability. Shop our 310TC sheet sets here.



Flannelette Brushed Cotton Range

Flannelette sheets are made up of cotton that has been brushed which essentially raises the fibres of the cotton fabric creating a warmer, cosy look and feel to the sheets. Flannel sheets use a weight indicator rather than thread count to measure quality. The higher the gsm (grams per square metre) the more warmth and better quality the sheets are. Baksana’s 100% combed Egyptian cotton flannel sheets (180gsm) are the perfect antidote for the winter months. Due to the superior construction, our sheets do not crease or pill and are lint free.

Recommended if: You're a cold sleeper, you're shopping for kids bedding, you're all for affordability, you like the freedom of choice of separates. Shop our Flannelette sheets here.



Baltic Linen Range

Linen, made from flax stem, boasts a luxurious laid-back look and feel. European linen is the golden standard for strength, softness, durability and breathability. The overall look is a lot more casual than percale and sateen, think a very relaxed style bach look. Baksana’s Baltic Linen sheets are made from the finest quality European linen which are pre-shrunk and stonewashed, allowing a beautiful soft, silky finish to radiate. These eco-friendly sheets do not get easily crushed and keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer naturally.


Recommended if: You're seeking a laid back look with good quality, ethical and eco-friendly sheeting options that can be used for all seasons and all types of sleepers. Shop our Linen sheets here.



At the end of the day, it is recommended to buy the best quality sheets you can afford with personal preference in feel coming into your decision making process. Higher quality sheets are much more beneficial and will last you the years, but be aware of mixed fabrics, blends and acclaimed fabrics which seem too good to be true. Although we love scoring a great deal on a new a set of crisp white sheets, it's worth taking an extra look at composition and materials before clicking purchase, to ensure you are getting the best quality.


Our sheets are Oeko-Tex certified meaning no harmful substances have been used in the process of production. You can find out more about it here. At Baksana, we only use the best materials from ethical and sustainable sources. Be part of the conscious consumer movement and shop ethically at Baksana.