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Women's Robes
Whether you are after a warm winter robe or looking for a robe that is cooler and more lightweight for summer, Baksana will have a robe to suit you. We have crafted a women’s robe collection that ticks all the boxes. High quality construction using the best materials, your Baksana bath robe will stand the test of time.

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  1. Cleo Robe
    Cleo Robe
    From $139.00
  2. Mila Robe
    Mila Robe
    From $139.00
  3. 50/50 Waffle Kimono Robe 50/50 Waffle Kimono Robe
  4. Freya Robe Freya Robe
    Freya Robe
    From $159.00
  5. Halle Robe Halle Robe
    Halle Robe
    From $159.00
  6. Manor Robe
    Manor Robe
    From $119.00
  7. Riceweave Kimono Robe - White
    Riceweave Kimono Robe - White
    From $104.30 From $149.00
  8. Gia Robe Gia Robe
    Gia Robe
    From $130.00
  9. Esme Robe
    Esme Robe
    From $189.00
  10. Maya Robe Maya Robe
    Maya Robe
    From $189.00
  11. Luxury Hotel Robe Luxury Hotel Robe
  12. Hotel Velour Robe